6 Service book

The Service book contains so-called “Base service plan” that is automatically created when you create a new project. The plan is divided into seven different areas, from the home page, you can visually follow the action to be performed. Mynest reminds automatically by text message or e-mail when an action is to be performed. For practical service work should be as simple as possible so the reminders stages will be four times a year, winter, spring, summer and autumn.

The measures are created as a service card and you can easily edit, create new and delete service cards. When an operation has been performed and acknowledged, they are stored in the history.

You start using the service plan when creating new projects. Service plan’s content looks a little different for different property types. In paragraph “3. Create new projects,” describes how to use the service plan for each property type.

NOTE! You will always need to go through the service plan to erase, and possibly add some service card, as all properties have differences, especially the type of foundation.

The video explains how to:
– Change the service books responsible person
– Create service card
– Edit service card
– Delete service card
– How to use the service history

The Service book works the same way for all kinds of properties. Only difference is that the housing company can share the same service card to several apartments. For example. if a service action is the same for many apartments, you can create a service card and link it to several apartments.

Create and link service card to multiple apartments.


Change responsible for the apartments.