Case – Gamla Hamn II eng

Residential area Ab Kokkola Gamla Hamn II


  • 3 houses, total 900m2
  • 7 residentials
  • Agriculture and solar heating


  • Servicebook installed

Measurement and control

  • Electricity and water measuring
  • Energy measurement (heat pump)
  • Control of ventilation and cooling

The first construction project based on the MyNest concept was completed in June 2016, situated on the housing fair area in Kokkola. The condominium Kokkolan Vanha Satama II consists of 7 appartments in 3 houses with a total area of 600 m3.

According to Mr Johan Asplund, CEO of the company Jake Rakennus Bygg Inc. Kokkolan Vanha Satama, is the first step towards a sustainable development within the field of residential construction. Besides the architecture, also the heating, cooling technic, the control systems and the follow up procedure regarding the service needs of the houses, are all top of the line, technically speaking.

“During a display of the apartment, the realtor told us about the MyNest-application. That information did not have any actual influence on our decisission to buy the apartment, but it rather felt like an added add on bonus. Now, as we have become more warm here, so to say, we have also come to realise that the system in fact is quite convenient.” – Ossi & Lisa Pelttari

“The feature which we like the most of all, is the feature which makes it possible for us to control the ventilation system with the help of the application. The documentation is also very handy, For instance when we were buying window blinders, we checked the width of the windows by looking at blueprints stored in the application. It´s also interesting to keep track of your energy consumption” – Raimo Kielinen & Marita Vuorinen

“The system is easy to use, you can even access and control it with your own cellphone. The MyNest system really has improved our confidence towards both the entrepreneur and the condominium” – Raimo Kielinen & Marita Vuorinen

MyNest - Kokkolan Vanha Satama
MyNest Talon sähköinen huoltokirja