About MyNest

MyNest is designed for the end user, to facilitate and secure factual communication between the client, the housing company and the property owner.

The MyNest-application is a valuable tool for both construction companies, condominiums, and for owners of houses or apartments alike. The MyNest-application is an electronical service manual in which you can store and save all documents concerning a building, starting from the planning continuing right up to transfer, grant papers of the house, apartment, or building. Thereafter all of the service, upcoming compulsory actions or measures and usage information are all collected and saved in one place. The MyNest-application is also intended to be used in conjunction with mobile hand held devices, which makes it easier to use. The application can also be used on all devices equipped with a WiFi-connection. Whenever and where ever you want.

The MyNest-application makes the maintenance of a building simple, easy, and well organized because of the fact that all of the task, measures and actions taken, automatically get documented and saved in the electronic service history of the building. With the help of this tool the building maintains its second hand value. And can help you to lower your insurance costs. More importantly: your family will be able to live in a healthy, environmentally friendly, well built house. Read on about the ways in which you can take further advantage of the MyNest-application