Digital service handbook of the house

“Your lifes most important investment needs documentation and well planned service – just like your car.”

MyNest makes the construction and maintenance of the house easy and well organized.

MyNest consists of three parts, documentation, service and measurement/control.


With the MyNest-application, all of the important documents, such as the blueprints contracts, manuals and other documents concerning the building will become compiled and thus also more easily manageable.


The MyNest-application contains a professional service- and maintenance plan, which automatically will remind you of any upcoming measures. Measures or actions which have already been taken are also automatic safely documented for future reference. MyNests service plan consists of the following divisions:

1. The foundation
2. The frame/facade
3. The roof
4. Indoors
5. Technology
6. Outdoors
7. Other

Why is service so important?

So that the buildings value stays the same and your expenses minimizes

According to most insurance companies in Finland most of the water damage in homes are caused by incorrectly connected or not serviced dishwasher connections and washing machine connections

Measurements and controls

With the help of modern measuring devices you, for instance, can keep track of the water- and electricity consumption, easily. Furthermore you can also control different kind of machinery and alarm systems with the help of the MyNest-application. This measuring and control capability is how ever still at this stage only an option.
MyNest - Talon huoltokirja - Mittaus ja ohjaus

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