MyNest for constructors and entrepreneurs

A new construction project consists of numerous work phases, plans and documents. With the help of the MyNest-application you can easily keep track of all of the different phases and construction stages. The application collects all of the different phases and stages involved in a construction project into one single, well structured big picture, which is easy to get an overview of. Beginning a new construction project with the help of the MyNest-application is easy. The developer fills out the basic information regarding the project, and thereafter an archieve structure and a service plan, ready for use, are automatically created by the MyNest-application.

All documents concerning a building can be kept in one place

During the planning phase of the project, the MyNest-application collects all of the blueprints, building instructions, interior design plans, and all other documents needed for the project, in one easily accessible archive, where all of the documents are easily found.

Electronic follow up procedures help you minimize the risks

A proper documentation, during the whole construction project together with a well organised service history helps you to reduce the risks regarding the warranty and responsibility issues.

An aid in marketing and selling

The MyNest-application can also be used as an aid when you are marketing or selling your building. Thanks to its smart applications and detailed documentation regarding the building, the application makes the decision to buy the real estate, all the more easier, while it also maintain the resale value of the building. This application can also be of use to you when you are marketing the property, as the seller can download all of the information which he need to his tablet, this information can for instance consist of blueprints, brochures and pictures.