MyNest for condominiums

With the help of the MyNest-application you can simplify your document- and maintenance management. The service plan made by our own construction professionals, which the MyNest-application offers you reminds you about upcoming maintenance issues and also store information about maintenance already done, safely the application also allows you to follow up the electricity- and water consumption in your building, the application also allows you to control the heat- and ventilation system. This application can help you to maintain the value of the real estate.

MyNest reminds you of upcoming service

The MyNest-application offers you a basic service plan with the possibility of getting a supplement service plan for the whole real estate. The service plan has been developed by professionals in the construction industry. The MyNest service program is set up to be used as a service manual. Just like the manuals that you can find in your own car. The service plan reminds you of upcoming service need, while it at the same time also stores information about service which already has been done. With the help of this easily accessible service history you can check what kind of maintenance needs to be done and what kind of maintenance have been done already. The system also makes it possible to send and receive electronic service advises. A regular, punctual, and also well documented service history keeps the building in a good condition and also significantly reduces the risk of damages caused by mould or damp to occur. Furthermore the resale value of the property remains higher.

All of the documents concerning the real estate are kept in one location

All of the documents concerning the condominium are stored in an easily accessible archive in the MyNest-application. You can easily access the documents that you need, when you need, no matter where you are.

A tool for cost-evaluation

The MyNest-application can also offer you all the information necessary for financial administration of the condominium with the help of its compatible follow up module, the system can help you keep track of the electricity- water- and energy consumption. The system can also be set up to send you electronical service advises in case of something abnormal happening