MyNest for private person

MyNest is a digital document bank, where you can save all of the important documents concerning the house, such as blueprints and manuals. With the help of the MyNest-application you will be able to constantly keep track of any needs for maintenance, coasts, and usage information concerning your house. Furthermore you don’t need to worry, because of all of the information concerning your house is being saved in one place. The MyNest-application also makes the resale value of your house growing higher.

Always carry all the documents of the house

All of the documents concerning your house are constantly available, at the push of a button. Does this sound familiar: All the important documents concerning your house all lie scattered around in different folders or boxes, which in turn makes it almost impossible for to find the right document at the right time. There is an easier solution available. With the help of the MyNest-application you can store all of the important documents concerning your house in a digital document bank. In this digital document bank all of your documents will stored safely and well organized, at the same time making it easier for you to find the document that you need with the help of your cellphone or tablet, while for instance you are standing in the queue in the hardware store.

Regular maintenance keeps your house in ship shape.

The MyNest-application also includes automatic maintenance advices on how to do maintenance on your house. These maintenance advices have been developed by our own professional construction experts. The application reminds you of upcoming maintenance needs and also stores information about maintenance that has all been done in its service history. Regular maintenance and follow up procedures significantly lowers the risk of damages caused by mold or damp related issues. Your house will stay safe and healthy, while also, at the same time, lowering your insurance payments.

Keep track of the usage information of your house easily

The MyNest-application can also help you keep track of the costs. With the help of this application, and a compatible follow up module, you can keep track of the electricity, heat and water consumption of your house. The system can also be set up to control the heating of the house, while you at the same time can be notified about any possible variations concerning the usage information, either by e-mail or sms.